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Young People

We want to make sure you can come and see us to discuss what is worrying you, ask questions and get the right help. You are welcome to come on your own or with a family member or friend for support. Here are some points to help:

  • Everything you say will be kept private. Doctors and Nurses are bound by something called confidentiality which means they are required to keep what you say private. If they feel you or another person is at risk of abuse then they will discuss with you about speaking to someone else.
  • Who can I see? You are able to see a named male/ female doctor or a nurse of your choice. Please look at our rota or ring the surgery to find out when they are working or to book an appointment. You can also book an appointment online see below to find out how.
  • Who can I bring? You can bring a friend or family member with you if this makes you more comfortable or we are happy to see you on your own. If you bring someone we may ask you whether you are happy for that person to stay with you especially if we are discussing things such as your mental or sexual health.
  • How long? If you feel your problem may take longer than 10 minutes to chat through or you have more than one problem please book a double appointment.
  • Get involved. It is your health and we will try to provide you with the information to be able to make a decision about your care/ treatment. If you are over 16 you can make a decision about your own treatment which cannot be overrules by your parents. If you are under 16 you can still make decisions about your own treatment  providing you have the ability to understand fully the options available to you.
  • Speaking to Reception. Our reception staff can’t tell anyone you have booked an appointment or been to see us. You don’t have to tell the receptionist why you want an appointment but it can help to make sure you see the right person. If you are at the surgery you can ask to speak to the receptionist in private.
  • Online. You can book appointments or order your repeat medication online. Please ask our receptionist for a log in for this service.


What we offer:

  • Testing for Sexually Transmitted Infections, Condoms, Contraception including injections, and contraceptive implants.
  • We provide referrals to the local Children's and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS).
  • We can also discuss your options with you confidentially and non-judgmentally if you discover you are pregnant and refer you accordingly. You can also access this service directly.

Other Services you can access:

Mental Health advice - Young Minds

For Terminations of Pregnancy:


Please see our contact us page with details about how to provide us with feedback/complaints.