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Welcome to the page of the PPG that will explain the idea behind the group.

General Practices have a responsibility to involve patients in relevant issues relating to the Practice and to respond appropriately to patients' views and experiences.

The key role of the group is to bring together the 3200 patients, doctors and members of the practice team to work in partnership in order to promote the wellbeing of patients and support the practice to provide a high quality of care and service delivery.

The PPG will be one way in which the practice will communicate and build positive relationships with its patient population and vice versa. 

The core objectives are to:

  • Facilitate and enable dialogue between patients and the Practice team and promote patient involvement in the Practice.

  • Ensure patients' needs are considered in the development of the Practice systems e.g. appointment systems, telephone systems and website, providing information about and promoting understanding of such system amongst patients.

  • Support the Practice to achieve its health promotion aims.

  • Ensure patient participation and consultation of new developments.

  • Review and where appropriate provide advice and recommendations on the Practice's annual patient survey.

  • Ensure the needs and interests of all patient groups are taken into consideration - this includes people with specific illnesses or condition, people with a disability and people from minority ethnic groups and migrant workers.

The group will include a diverse group of patients, the Practice Manager and at least one GP.

It is not a forum for individual complaints (these should be directed to the Practice Manager).


We hope that you will support us in this great opportunity to enhance the services that the Practice offers.